Guide for Authors

The German Medical Journal is the online medical journal designed for a worldwide medical community. It is committed to promoting medical and scientific progress and international know-how transfer.

The German Medical Journal publishes articles on practical applications and fundamental scientific subjects from all fields of medicine.

The German Medical Journal is published at the URL in the language combinations of Arabic-English and Russian-English.

Please send your specialist article to: info(at) Here you can also get in touch with the editorial staff. We will be happy to answer any questions.


Specialist articles should consist of about 3-6 manuscript pages (reference value), be clinically relevant, be preferably written in English and have a generally understandable style. As soon as the article has been accepted by our editorial board, it will be translated into Arabic and Russian.

The articles will be peer-reviewed, i.e. reviewed by independent experts. Please write your article to be citable.

Consent to Publication

The author conducting the correspondence guarantees that all authors consent to the article being published.

Title page

Please always state on the title page:

• Title of the article
• Author conducting the correspondence, incl. address, contact details and website
• All authors incl. full title and origin (country of origin, hospital, etc.)
• Number of images/tables
• Number of references/literature sources
• Up to 10 keywords

Additional information concerning the author(s):
• Up to 10 key references/publications of each author
• Impact factors of the authors during the last 3 years


Informative images in as high a resolution as possible (300 dpi) are important to the editorial staff. Captioned images should be self-explanatory. Video clips can be posted as well.


When using images from other journals or books, the copyright must be observed. The author must provide evidence of the permission for reproduction. He shall be liable to the publishing house in the event that third parties assert claims against it due to the infringement of personal rights and/or copyrights.

Where individuals are recognisable in photographs, the author must obtain the permission for publication. Where image and personal rights have not been clarified, the editorial staff must be informed.


The international generic names of medicinal products should be used. Trade names will only be printed in justified exceptional cases. The authors represent and warrant that they hold the sole copyright in relation to all parts of their manuscript.

Transfer of Rights

By accepting the manuscript, the German Medical Journal and Bennad Ltd. shall acquire the unrestricted right to comprehensively exploit the copyrights and any related rights within the meaning of the German Copyright Act (UrhG).

The transfer of rights shall also include the right of the publishing house to exploit the rights both in Germany and abroad in physical and non-physical form, the right to communicate the work to the public, in particular in digital and print media, on the Internet, in databases, in telecommunication and data networks as well as on data storage media (e.g. CD-ROM), the right to make available the work to the public for individual access (PDF download), for display on screen (e.g. eBook) and for printing by the user as well as the right to translate the work into any language (e.g. for the English, Arabic, Russian and Spanish translations) and to use the translation in accordance with the rights of use granted above.
The rights shall also extend to use by third parties where corresponding rights of use have been granted, both in Germany and abroad. Affiliated companies shall not be considered third parties.