7 Aspects that make the German Medical Journal Unique

1. Representation of German Medicine in International Competition

The health care sector has become one of the key sectors worldwide. Today, countries with high medical standards are faced with international competition. This applies to both medical tourism and medical equipment, in addition to the establishment of entire medical infrastructures. The German Medical Journal represents German medicine in international competition, giving it a voice.

2. High Level of Awareness and Extensive Use of the GMJ

Up-to-date and highly interesting specialist articles predominantly from German university hospitals and by renowned medical specialists guarantee a high level of awareness and the extensive use of the German Medical Journal by the readership.

3. Readers and Professional Readers in 117 Countries

The German Medical Journal boasts a broad readership of both medical professionals and medically interested and motivated readers in 117 countries throughout the world.

It is read by office- and hospital-based physicians, specialists and medical opinion leaders, therapists, pharmacists, patients and their relatives, students, decision-makers at hospitals and health departments. At universities and libraries, in hospital administrations, patient organisations and research institutes.

In short: By all those interested in medical progress and professional medical information from a country with high-end medicine, the scientific location of Germany.

4. Maximum, Steadily Increasing Coverage

The German Medical Journal has developed to become one of the most renowned and widespread professional medical journals within just a few years. The coverage continues to increase steadily both on an international scale and in Arabic- and Russian-speaking countries.

5. High Level of Acceptance Due to Multilingualism

The German Medical Journal is published bilingually in Arabic-English and Russian-English. The basic language English ensures extensive global circulation; the Arabic and Russian languages guarantee a high level of acceptance in countries where English is less common.

6. Online Availability 

The German Medical Journal is available online to all medically interested readers throughout the world, anytime and anywhere, via any web-enabled device, whether computer, tablet or smartphone.

7. Long-Term Use

The issues of the GMJ are used extensively for about 1 year and also accessed very often.