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Editorial No.19 PDF Print E-mail

Editorial No. 19

10 years German Medical Journal

The German Medical Journal can now look back on 10 years of history. 10 years which have flown by and in which we continuously kept learning. And we are also a bit proud of the development of this “German Medical Journal” project over these years.

From the very first issue, outstanding authors, predominantly physicians and specialists from German university hospitals, have published highly interesting and excellent specialist articles. By now, every German university hospital has probably been represented in the German Medical Journal. The list of specialist articles and authors in the German Medical Journal is quite respectable. At this point, we would like to seize the opportunity to express our sincere thanks to our authors. They have made every issue of the German Medical Journal unique in its own way.

The German Medical Journal quickly became known around the world for its premium quality. It has readers on all continents – by now in 108 countries. The Russian-English edition is steadily catching up. In 2015, 265,000 readers downloaded the GMJ Russ/Engl, among them 53% from Russian-speaking countries. Boasting a total of 336,000 readers, the Arabic-English journal has an even higher language-specific readership of 66% in Arabic-speaking countries.

At the beginning, we would not have expected such a huge coverage even in our wildest dreams, but we quickly anticipated that the conversion to an online journal and the use of the Internet, as an ultrafast and effective channel of communication, would be the right way to go for our professional publication. It has enabled the German Medical Journal to become one of the first digital professional journals of its kind.

What’s next? Our next project will be the visual modernisation of the German Medical Journal website. In terms of contents, it still works perfectly, always meeting the highest requirements. After all, it was state-of-the-art when it was launched. After 10 years of tireless work, however, it’s time for a visual facelift. Wait and see for yourself!

Editorial No.18 PDF Print E-mail

Editorial No. 18

Over the last 50 years, medicine has seen groundbreaking achievements and it continues to progress steadily. Medical research and further development lead to new or improved diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

The new concepts now actually focus on the individual patient. Medicine has become personalised and tailored to the individual patients’ specific needs. Health risks, hereditary disposition and other factors are taken into account in the treatment, early detection and prevention of diseases. Patients can receive better advice and medical treatment in their specific situation, while undesirable side effects and inefficient therapeutic strategies are avoided. In addition to established clinical procedures, personalised medicine is supported by molecular biology diagnostics and imaging techniques, making it possible to provide more reliable predictions about the patient’s health risks and chances of recovery as well as to identify potential new therapeutic approaches.

Individualised therapeutic concepts have also enabled major progress in cancer treatment, although cancer continues to be one of today’s greatest medical challenges.

In Germany, medical research and education are practiced mainly at university hospitals. University hospitals are also of crucial significance for future medical research aimed at developing new or improved diagnostic and therapeutic options and advancing medical progress.

The medical and scientific articles in the German Medical Journal give insight into German medicine and the excellent work that is being done in this field, especially in Germany’s university hospitals.

Editorial No.17 PDF Print E-mail

Editorial No. 17

More and more patients from all around the world who are seeking the best medical care come to Germany for treatment. While their home countries usually offer basic medical services, a trip to Germany is a preferred option for many when it comes to more complex surgeries and treatments. After all, German hospitals and physicians have an excellent international reputation.

Patients from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan now make up the largest group of non-EU patients, followed by patients from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
Today, many German hospitals, especially university hospitals, are well prepared to treat international patients. They maintain international offices to provide international patients with advice and assistance.
Both the German Medical Journal and the German Medical Online Portal offer valuable decision-making support and guidance to patients who would like to receive medical treatment in Germany. The medical and scientific articles in the German Medical Journal give insight into German medicine and the excellent work that is being done in this field, especially in Germany’s university hospitals.

Additionally, the German Medical Online Portal at www.german-medical-online.com serves as a who’s who of the medical world, providing comprehensive information about leading hospitals, clinics and specialists. The steadily growing number of downloads and users of the German Medical Journal and the German Medical Online Portal attests to the tremendous worldwide interest and trust in German medicine.

Globalisation gives people the opportunity to take advantage of medical knowledge and benefit from medical progress at any place in the world that has Internet access.
The journal thus also provides a valuable contribution to the global transfer of knowledge - an aspect that is near and dear to our hearts. Knowledge makes the world a better place.
med on the iPad PDF Print E-mail
med on the iPad

This is what we have been waiting for so long: the iPad by Apple is a big step towards the future. 

When we introduced the German Medical Journal onto the market some years ago, back then printed on high-quality paper, we were absolutely aware of the fact that the technical development would not come to a standstill and the future would be dominated by digital media. We anticipated that the era of printed books, newspapers and magazines would come to an end and replaced by digital evolution. Consequently, we changed the journal over to digital technology at an early point; so early that we sometimes met with incomprehension, especially here in Germany. 

However, we had young, well-educated medical professionals in the ìyoungî, rapidly developing countries in sight and stood in the firm belief that a change would come about, more rapidly than it could be seen to emerge at that time. The success confirmed our conviction. Due to the digitalisation of the journal, the number of our readers virtually exploded from 40,000 to more than 240,000.  

About half of our readers are from Arabic-speaking countries, for which we initially designed the journal and with which it all began. The second half is distributed among readers from nearly all countries in the world. These people read the English part of the journal, which was originally intended to be a reference only.  

The development inevitably led to us being concerned with other important countries and languages, which also have a great number of potential readers. Therefore, the current issue is published besides Arabic also in Russian/English and the next issue in Spanish/English in addition.

This year we announced the new App at the Arab Health, where this publishing project began. We are convinced that the iPad will revolutionise the worldwide media.  
For us this means already today: med on the iPad. Latest news from the world of medicine, whenever and wherever you like: Welcome to the German Medical Journal. 


2 New Editions PDF Print E-mail

NEW: German Medical Journal
now also in Russian-English

and Spanish-English
The German Medical Journal will now be published in Russian-English and Spanish-English. This is our response to the incredibly high access rates of readers from the Russian Federation, USA and the spanish-speaking countries to the Arabic-English version of the German Medical Journal. They represent the second- and third-largest group after the Arabic-speaking readers.
These two new editions certainly appeals to many other non-Arabic readers, who have so far been reading the journal the Arabic way "from back to front".
The new editions will lead to a significantly increased distribution of the German Medical Journal to regions which the German medicine is extremely interested in.
Brilliant and revolutionary:
The iPad by Apple gets off to a rapid start worldwide.
On 28th May Apple has started the market launch of the iPad in Germany. As is already obvious, its success will be breathtaking. In the USA more than 300,000 iPads were sold already on the first day.
The new device will revolutionise the world of media: it will impart digital media an incredible boost. The iPad provides digital publications a clear advantage over printed media: they are available online with brilliant image quality anytime and anywhere.
German Medical Journal has seen this development coming and consistently focussed on digital distribution.

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